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SFDR 2: will 2024 open the age of maturity for sustainable finance regulations?

31 Jan 2024
12 min.

The year 2023 ended with the closing of a European Commission consultation on SFDR of unprecedented importance, that could open the age of sustainable fina...

The ISSB Sustainability Standards: Simple in words, complex in deeds

12 Dec 2023
2 min.

A first set of two sustainability disclosure standards (generic ESG and climate) was published by the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) in ...

A new Taxonomy is born: insights on the Mexican Sustainable Taxonomy

11 May 2023
15 min.

Since the publication of our study the “New Geography of Taxonomies”, in July 2021, jurisdictions in Europe, Asia and the Americas have either begun or concl...

Taxo4: insights from the release of criteria for non-climate objectives

10 May 2023
7 min.

On April 5th, 2023, the European Commission (EC) published the long-awaited draft delegated acts (DAs) to the Taxonomy Regulation containing technical screen...

The Green Claims Directive proposal: the EU arms up against greenwashing

10 May 2023
15 min.

The European Commission (EC) has prompted surprise with the publication of a Green Claims Directive proposal[1] in the end of March 2023. Despite our forecas...

EUGBS: hurrah a political agreement… but no legislative transcription details yet

10 May 2023
8 min.

After months of political dead-end[1], market participants were relieved by the political agreement concluded between the Council and the Parliament on the E...

ECB's avenues to intensify climate action in quest “of punch”

08 Feb 2023
10 min.

Monetary policy tightening, responding to 2022’s inflationary spike, could hinder the green transition. Interest rates and raw material price increase create...

CSRD, where are we at?

04 Nov 2022
22 min.

Last June the European Parliament and Council agreed on a final text [1] for the corporate sustainability reporting directive (CSRD), that will update the 20...

Climate worst performers under strain from ECB's Green QE, collateral and parliamentary proposals for capital rules changes

04 Nov 2022
29 min.

Details were released late September on how ECB’s green QE would work. The titling of bonds purchasing program focuses on climate change mitigation and began...

Updated Common Ground Taxonomy, the crowbar of international green capital flows?

05 Aug 2022
7 min.

6 - minute read
The EU-China Common Ground Taxonomy (CGT) has received plenty of attention from international capital markets and policymakers since its initial release in November 2021. Some As...

Nuclear and gas inclusion in the taxonomy creates a “between in and out”

05 Aug 2022
6 min.

5 - minutes read
The vote in the European Parliament was expected to be tight as a cross-party coalition from the left to center-right was opposing the taxonomy complementary delegated act on nu...

Could IEA’s report tilt EU Parliament’s vote to include nuclear power in the Taxonomy?

05 Jul 2022
4 min.

4 - minute read
On the brink of a decisive vote in the European Parliament on Nuclear integration in the EU taxonomy, the International Energy Agency published a 95-page report on Nuclear Power an...

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