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Update of our study “The New Geography of Taxonomies”

04 Sep 2023
3 min.



Tuesday 19th September
5.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.(CEST) 
11.00 a.m. - 12 p.m. (EST)
Presented by:
Robert White, Managing Director, Head of ...

EUGBS final text: need to know!

12 May 2023
1 min.

The final text of the EUGBS Regulation has leaked on May 10th, 2023. It means that few days are left before its official adoption as a European law. Entry...

PDBs' catalytic role in achieving the UN SDGs

30 Jan 2023
< 1 min.

Natixis CIB's Green & Sustainable Hub accompanied the IDFC and its members in framing the notion of SDG alignment through a dedicated study and tailor-made advisory sessions.

Extended Taxonomy: in betweenness and elitism softening

05 Sep 2022
4 min.

The Platform’s March 2022 recommendations on extending the Taxonomy are timely and meaningful, but unlikely to be politically endorsed. Nonetheless, market participants must not wait for unpredi...

The New Geography of Taxonomies

04 Oct 2021
2 min.

Updated in August 2023
In the field of sustainable finance, guidelines and standards are the bedrock of product design and market integrity. Private investing and funding strategies need anchorin...

Release of our study the New Geography of Taxonomies

30 Sep 2021
5 min.

4-minute read
Following our recent article “Sustainable Taxonomy development worldwide: a standard-setting race between competing jurisdictions” (July 2021), we have just released our dedicated ...

The Art of Social Bond Impact Reporting

16 Jun 2021
2 min.

In Sustainable Finance, social issues have long been addressed through the lenses of risk factors and minimum safeguards. Conversely, Use-of-Proceeds Social Bonds focus on the contribution to adequ...

Financing green hydrogen’s development: clearing the hurdles

29 Mar 2021
1 min.

Financing green hydrogen’s development: clearing the hurdles
- Offering systemic decarbonization solutions for entire sectors of industry and mobility, the hydrogen sector, in particular the green ...

Waste & Circular Economy: Deciphering green & sustainable challenges and opportunities of waste management

12 Jan 2021
2 min.

This report explores the essential role played by waste management in transitioning the economy towards a more circular model. The concept of “circular” economy, based on maintaining over time the ...

Low-carbon hydrogen: sensing the path to large-scale deployment

22 Dec 2020
1 min.

Long considered the energy carrier of the future, hydrogen has apparently entered a new era. With massive recovery plans in Europe heavily focused on the production and uses (mobility, industry) of...

U.S. 2020 Presidential Election

16 Oct 2020
1 min.

The Great Divide
Opposing U.S. Climate Policy

Climate change is a topic of growing geopolitical and economic significance....

What role for natural gas in the transition towards a low-carbon economy?

14 Oct 2020
1 min.

The present study explores the potential role of natural gas in achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, a milestone for the achievement of the Paris Agreement signed in 2015.
The place of natural gas ...

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