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Exposure to coal sector: Urgewald's GCEL list, a reference for investors

31 Jan 2024
10 min.

Following the annual update of the Urgewald Global Coal Exclusion List (GCEL) in October 2023 (1), we conducted a series of interviews with financial markets...

COP 28 UAE Main Takeaways

31 Jan 2024
5 min.

Collective progress made but still far from 1.5°C
The first global stocktake (a five-year global review of progress against the goals of the Paris Agreement)...

Greenflation, the new normal?

03 Jun 2022
15 min.

13 - minute read

The war in Ukraine is feeding the inflationary spiral. If the second half of 2021 was marked by inflation prompted by the global success of stimulus plans to recover from the pan...

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