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September 2023

Update of our study “The New Geography of Taxonomies”

06 Sep 2023


2 minute read
Our global benchmark of Taxonomies, first published in November 2021, examines and interprets developments in the field of sustainable finance taxonomies, which have mult...

Commercial Bank of Dubai’s inaugural $500mn 5-yr Green Bond issuance

06 Sep 2023

3 minute read
Commercial Bank of Dubai successfully returns to the senior unsecured $ bond market with its inaugural $500mn 5-yr Green Bond issuance. On Monday June 5th, the Commercial Bank of Dub...


ESG Analysis of the Banking sector: From G to E?

10 May 2023

10 minutes read
Evaluation by investors of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices before investing or financing a company has become mainstream. The banking sector is no exception ...

Transition plan stocktaking from the NGFS

06 Sep 2023

4-minute read
Around 42% of micro-prudential authorities worldwide have already started or plan to engage with financial institutions on transition plans, says a recent report from the NGFS. Are...

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"The New Geography of Taxonomies"


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31 May 2023

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