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Industrial bank of Korea (“IBK”) successfully issued a US$600m 5-year Gender Equality themed Social Bond with a focus on women empowerment

12 Dec 2023
5 min.

On September 21, 2023, the Industrial Bank of Korea issued a US$600m 5-year gender equality themed social bond. Natixis acted as Active Joint Bookrunner an...

Natixis acted as Co-Green Loan Coordinator for the first post-IRA large renewable energy transaction in the United States

12 Dec 2023
1 min.

IRG Acquisition Holdings (IRGAH), a partnership between Invenergy, a leading privately held developer, owner, and operator of sustainable energy solutions, C...

Commercial Bank of Dubai’s inaugural $500mn 5-yr Green Bond issuance

05 Sep 2023
3 min.

Commercial Bank of Dubai successfully returns to the senior unsecured $ bond market with its inaugural $500mn 5-yr Green Bond issuance. On Monday June 5th, t...

Renew Power US$1bn Green Loan: “round-the-clock” hybrid power project financing

08 Feb 2023
2 min.

Renew Power has successfully closed a US$985m-equivalent Green Loan to finance round-the-clock renewable energy projects in the States of Rajasthan, Maharash...

Ramsay Santé topped up the first Sustainability-Linked collateral trust

04 Nov 2022
1 min.

Ramsay Santé topped up its collateral trust, making it one of the largest on the French market (€366.2m in cumulative contracted loan) and the first to be l...

SUEZ issued its inaugural €2.6bn Green Bond, unprecedented deal in the sector

03 Jun 2022
2 min.

2 - minute read

Natixis acted as Global Coordinator and Sole Green Structurer for the issuance of EUR 2.6 bn triple tranches Green Bond devoted to refinance part of Suez acquisition , the largest...

Haffner Energy IPO, Key Player in decarbonization and green hydrogen production

24 Mar 2022
2 min.

1 - minute read
Natixis, in cooperation with ODDO BHF, led this flagship Hydrogen transaction as active Global Coordinator & Bookrunner on this transaction, the first successful IPO in Europ...

Unédic issued the two largest social bonds ever in the midst of the covid-19 crisis

12 Jun 2020
3 min.

Unédic issued its inaugural EUR4bn Social Bond (Nov-2026 OAT+36) on May 15, 2020, which represented the largest social bond ever issued worldwide for any type of issuer. On June 10th, the Agency i...

Green & sustainable Deals

04 May 2020
499 min.

SUEZ has successfully issued a €500m Green Bond 
On November 8th 2023, SUEZ, a leading French player in Water and Waste business with a unique experience o...

Mexico’s SDG Bond Framework: a two-fold eligibility and unique governance

02 Mar 2020
4 min.

- 3-minute read -
The Federal Government of Mexico released on February 21 its “SDG Sovereign Bond Framework”. It has mandated BNP Paribas, Credit Agricol...

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